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Claudia J.

I’ve spend two months with Uwe n Astrid last spring. They’re great people n I’ve much enjoyed working for them during an student internship. I had a lot of fun n learned a lot, also for life, n had the chance to improve my riding skills. Astrid n Uwe r both great horsemen. Uwe is an outstanding rider n instructor. He is not only making the horse perform on a very high level, he also makes the owner/rider perform on a very high level too. I’ve met a lot of cowboys n horsemen n incredible good rider, but most of them aren’t good instructors at the same time. They make your horse perform high, but can’t help the amateur rider to become an athlete too, because it takes two athletes to win. Uwe is one of the few horseman I know who is an incredible good rider n an excellent instructor too. I hope to get the opportunity to spend more time with Astrid n Uwe during another internship in my study break next year.