Uwe has been successfully training cutting horses for over 35 years. Uwe produced several AQHA Cutting Superior Champions, and won multiple AQHA & NCHA European Championships and DQHA & NCHA Championships. He served as an international NCHA judge, and had won over $104,000.00+ in the European cutting circuit before moving to the USA in 2001, where he has specialized in training cutting horses, selecting cutting-prospects, coaching Amateur and Non Pro clients, and building successful breeding programs for his international customers. Uwe Roeschmann’s Amateur and Non Pro customers have internationally won more than $2+ Million on horses he has started or trained.

Uwe Roeschmann’s trainings method is based on classical riding principles, it is not just knowing how to ride, but the all around knowledge of the horse. The principles of classical riding are the pillars of a foundation without fear or a mechanically forced position. His training allows the horse to achieve self-carriage, developing the correct muscles, become balanced, and have a confident understanding of the riders aids. A horse with a good classical foundation will learn faster and be “soft” in any situation.

Uwe promotes the sport of Cutting, and Horsemanship around the world. He holds multiple workshops in the United States and across Europe, and attends major international Equine Fairs with his show demonstration program.

Horses can be obedient, and perform on a high level without trusting their rider! We believe, there’s nothing that beats performance built on trust and a physical correct training. The horse tries harder, moves better, stays healthier, and fills in for your mistakes more willingly. We believe in good horsemanship, and training based on knowledge rather than on gimmicks.